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EHR Active Choice to Increase Flu Vaccination Rates

EHR Active Choice to Increase Flu Vaccination Rates

Project status



Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD 

Dylan Small, PhD 

Craig Wynne, MD 

Jingsan Zhu, MBA 

Lin Yang, MS 

Susan Day, MD, MPH 

Innovation leads


Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania

National Institute on Aging 


The influenza (flu) virus contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality each year. Although the vaccine has been shown to effectively reduce disease and economic burdens, vaccination rates remain low at under 50 percent nationally. 


We implemented an active choice intervention in the electronic health record (EHR) that alerted care providers about patient eligibility during clinic visits and prompted them to accept or decline an order for the flu vaccine. 


Results from the study showed that the intervention led to an increase in vaccination order rates of six percentage points, representing a 37 percent relative increase compared to the last flu season.  

Based on these findings, the health system decided to implement the approach across all primary care clinics in the Penn Medicine network.