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The Center for Health Care Transformation and Innovation (CHTI) facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing, implementation, and scale of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better outcomes, value, experience, and equity.  

We view innovation as the creation of a valuable new approach or technology and transformation as the widespread application of innovations and initiatives to advance non-incremental, impactful change.  

CHTI was founded in 2012 as a vehicle to design, validate, and disseminate new approaches to care and encourage a culture of innovation at Penn Medicine. Originally called the Center for Health Care Innovation (CHCI), CHTI was renamed in 2023 to underscore our renewed emphasis on reshaping care at magnitude. 



Our work targets four key areas to transform the health care ecosystem at Penn Medicine, the Philadelphia region, and beyond.


Care delivery

We envision a future in which high-quality, personalized care is delivered seamlessly and efficiently at the right time and in the optimal setting for every patient.

Workforce experience

We aim to build a system that prioritizes the experience of health care staff – supporting their well-being, empowering them to solve problems, and enabling them to perform rewarding work.

Health justice

We aim to enable health through racial, economic, and environmental justice for Black individuals and all people and neighborhoods harmed by structural inequity. 

Science to system 

We envision Penn Medicine as a leading learning health system with a robust pathway to identify, evaluate, and prioritize promising health care delivery science interventions and facilitate the implementation and dissemination of these interventions at scale.


CHTI comprises six coordinated Impact Cores – the Center for Insights to Outcomes, the Nudge Unit, Way to Health, the Population Health Lab, the Center for Health Justice, and the Core for Precision Resource Utilization (CPRU). Use the links below to learn about the unique contributions of the first five teams, and check back soon for information on CPRU.


At CHTI, we are applying new care models, innovative technologies, and behavioral and data science for a profoundly better health care future. Work led by our team over the past 11 years has saved lives, made care more accessible and equitable, reduced costs for patients and the health system, and so much more. Learn more about this exciting progress on our Impact page.