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November 2023 Month in Review

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Mother holding an infant and looking at cellphone

AI chatbot offers answers, bridges care for new moms

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Kirstin Leitner, a physician lead on the Healing at Home program, explains how a text messaging bot that uses natural language processing is helping patients in the postnatal period. She also shares strategies used to make the bot more effective, like educating patients on how to interact with it and incorporating algorithmic approaches with symptom reporting.

White circular pills arranged into the shape of a downward-pointing arrow

Uncovering predictors of lower opioid use after surgery

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Patients who report lower pain scores, are younger, and have not taken opioids before are less likely to need opioids after common surgical procedures, a new study shows. The findings could be applied to tailor prescribing and reduce prolonged exposure to opioids and unused pills. The research was led by members of the Center for Insights to Outcomes and the Nudge Unit and leveraged Way to Health for data collection.