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Lauren Southwick

Lauren Southwick

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Lauren Southwick

Director of Research, Center for Insights to Outcomes

Lauren Southwick is the director of research at the Center for Insights to Outcomes. In this role, she manages the grant portfolio and executes randomized controlled trials that test how digital interventions impact mental health outcomes. 

Before joining the team, Lauren worked at the School of Global Public Health at New York University in the Division of Social Epidemiology.

Lauren graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a bachelor's degree in sociology. She earned her master's degree in public health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, where she concentrated on health communication and social/behavioral change theories.

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Behavioral change approaches and digital health literacy
Health care is centered on dignity, and access to health (care) and well-being is a fundamental right.
“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness. Those moments when another human being was there, in front of me, suffering, and I responded . . . sensibly. Reservedly. Mildly. Or, to look at it from the other end of the telescope: Who, in your life, do you remember most fondly, with the most undeniable feelings of warmth?” - George Saunders
I am fortunate to have two pulik - Hungarian herding dogs - Quinn and Plumb