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Sadie Friday

Sadie Friday

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Sadie Friday

Lead Applications Analyst, Way to Health

Sadie Friday is the lead applications analyst working with Way to Health. In this role, she helps design, plan, and execute the implementation of a diverse portfolio of clinical and research programs. She was previously a clinical research coordinator at the Palliative and Advanced Illness Research (PAIR) Center, where she supported the build and launch of the Healthy Lungs smoking cessation trial. 
Prior to joining Penn, Sadie worked in quality management for a large and diverse network of Title X-funded family planning clinics in the Philadelphia five-county region. She remains passionate about both reproductive health and health care quality improvement, and brings those perspectives into her daily work here at Penn. 

Sadie earned her bachelor's degree in psychology at Arcadia University, where she focused her research on feminist theories of psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Outside of work, Sadie enjoys bird watching, flea markets, reading, and spending time with her tiny dog. She believes in whimsy as a core value and tries to bring a bit of it to all her endeavors.

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Reproductive health and health equity!
That we begin to erode, rather than deepen, the inequities created by the current system
My mother. That woman could fashion you a working hot/cold shower out of three old hose valves and a hairdryer. Her "if it doesn't exist, make it yourself" approach to life has definitely influenced the way I live my own.
"Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
I've been to some amazing places, but the one place I never get tired of visiting is Shenandoah National Park.
I briefly played the mandolin in my youth.
Ride a horse!
Live music! Doesn't matter who is playing. You'll find me in the pit!