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Way to Health Careers

Learn about working with Way to Health and life as a software developer here.


A Mission That Matters

W2H logoJoin a team that has launched over 200 research studies and clinical programs, improved lives of over 1 million patients and citizens, and facilitated top-notch scientific research.

Why You Should Join

2022 W2H group photo


Way to Health is making a real difference to patient lives and health care operations. We need your help to launch more programs, launch them faster, and make them more reliable, resilient, and scalable.


Every day, we're addressing bigger and more interesting challenges. We learn, we improve, we do more. If you're looking for something boring and comfortable, we might not be a good fit. But if you find satisfaction in tackling hard problems and expanding your skill set, step right up.

The team

We're admittedly biased, but our team rocks. We power a wide number of programs, have built a powerful and resilient platform, and are kind and caring to each other, our customers, and our patients.

About the Team

Driven but balanced

We believe in the mission of what we're doing and are enthusiastic about and dedicated to our work. We're also dedicated to our outside lives, children, pets, and hobbies – we leave work on time, and work-life balance is important to us.


We operate collaboratively across functions. We value and respect each other's skills, backgrounds, personal quirks, contributions, and limitations. We have implementation specialists writing regexes, developers writing product requirements, whatever makes sense for the product and team. We all have input on the product and how we work.


We tend to work standard business hours but are flexible because life is more than work. Work your schedule, get things done, and show up on time to meetings. Definitely no timesheets or billable hours, or needing to request PTO to leave early for your kid's little league game. (We might ask you to live stream that game just so some of us can reminisce and offer some backseat coaching.)


Slack, Zoom, Mural, Confluence, and JIRA are our true offices, but some of us go to the physical office in Philadelphia anywhere between monthly and twice a week.

Technology and Requirements


We have some constraints but are flexible on technology choices as long as they are maintainable. Some examples: PHP, Symfony, VueJS, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker, Azure, Mirth Connect.

Hiring requirements

Software developer candidates must have a bachelor's degree and at least three years of experience in web development. Health care experience and/or interest is a plus. More specific requirements are included in individual job postings.

A Day in Your Life

Way to Health's Skip points at the presentation screen during a meeting


Design a program in conjunction with clinical or research partners. You have significant input into project design such as patient/participant-level interactions, language, and more. Expertise with the platform also drives the overall program design and launch.


Build a feature to enable research study or clinical program staff to configure their program in a specific way.


Define test cases, review code, or test a colleague's code (or decide that the automated test coverage is adequate and that we can skip manual QA). Look into the scalability or performance issues on the platform, and find and fix the cause of whatever is slowing down the site or background jobs.


Pair up with one of our implementation specialists on a tricky build, helping them figure out to combine Way to Health's building blocks to accomplish what they need or what additional building blocks should be developed.


Set up a dashboard or ETL to our analytics database to illustrate the value of Way to Health programs to health system executives or to provide visibility into the operations of a program. Present to leadership on successes of various programs on a quarterly basis or more frequently.