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Michael Josephs

Michael Josephs

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Michael Josephs

Product Manager, Way to Health

Michael Josephs is the product manager of the Way to Health platform. In this role, Michael is responsible for maximizing the value that Way to Health delivers to patients, researchers, clinicians, and health systems. He identifies opportunities to improve the platform, defines product solutions and the product roadmap, prioritizes work for the engineering team, and solicits feedback on new features and enhancements to ensure they meet stakeholders’ needs. Additionally, he continues to build and support implementations for projects like Heart Safe Motherhood, the Employee Hypertension Program, BP Pal, and more.

Michael received his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. He worked in various research positions at Penn before joining the Way to Health team in 2020. Michael enjoys pottery, volleyball, running, and backpacking in his free time.

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Pottery, volleyball, hiking, backpacking