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Behavioral Interventions to Increase Seatbelt Use and Decrease Distracted Driving

Image of a driver buckling their seatbelt

Behavioral Interventions to Increase Seatbelt Use and Decrease Distracted Driving

Project status

Pilot/study underway

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General Motors

External partners

Kelsey Bartolozzi

Nicole Trevino

Katie DeGraaf


Using a cell phone while driving increases crash risk. And failing to use a seatbelt nearly doubles one's risk of death and injury if a collision occurs.   


We are working in partnership with General Motors (GM) to explore if interventions informed by behavioral science can reduce cell phone use and encourage drivers to buckle up.

GM customers with Gen 10 vehicles were recruited to participate in the study, and participants were randomly assigned to one of four arms. Intervention arms will test the effect of a mix of behavioral engagement strategies and financial incentives on driving behavior.

Driving behavior will be tracked by our homegrown smartphone telematics app, Way to Drive.


This study is currently underway. When the trial concludes, GM will adopt successful strategies to improve driver safety and reduce crash claims.

Way to Health Specs

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